"I've absolutely loved this project and have learnt so much. I have never enjoyed teaching science in the past and have always given it to my job share partner but now I am well away! My class said we aren't calling it a 'science lesson' anymore but 'science extravaganza afternoon.' I tell them when I am off on the TDTS science course and they literally bombard me on the playground the next day to find out what plans I have next! Great!"

"I am convinced that the project has improved my teaching and I regularly use the ideas put forward in the project. I am also rolling these out across the school so that we all try to go for higher order learning."

"I have introduced termly open-ended science investigations to the school. All years 1-6 take the same statement and then adapt it. It worked so well and all children enjoyed the free thinking and purely investigative nature of it. It was also well received by the staff - I felt how they were- that wasn't so scary- after just one try at handing the activity to the children to lead. Without this training I would not have implemented this into our school and yet initial evidence shows the quality in thinking it encourages within the children."

"I think I've become more enthusiastic about teaching science, as I've seen the children become more engaged and consequently I feel more able to facilitate the learning and less involved in crowd control!"

"This has been a great opportunity to develop different techniques and methods to be used not only during science lessons, but across the curriculum. I have thoroughly enjoyed implementing these techniques, and feel confident that my class have enjoyed learning through them and have developed new skills."

"This project has made me use higher order thinking skills. Planning now allows the children to take ownership of their investigations. The discussions that take place are deeper, with children offering ideas and sharing thoughts and reasoning behind their ideas. "I think this because ..."

"I am loving the course and the children are pleased when I attend!...as they know I will return with "some new experiments" to share with them."

"It has been the best CPD and I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. You all worked so hard to share your enthusiasm and creative ideas with us. MANY, MANY THANKS!"

"The training has given me a range of new strategies to engage children more effectively in science generally, plus lots of well exemplified practical lessons linked to specific areas of the science curriculum which I have been able to use and which my pupils have greatly enjoyed. The depth of thinking and doing at the sessions and support with resources has been brilliant!"

"It's been thought provoking, inspiring, challenging and a great deal of fun! I now enjoy teaching science more than anything else - Thank you!"

"The children themselves decided one day that 'science' isn't good enough to put up on our menu for the day. They've now called it the 'science extravaganza'. If given the choice between science or football they'll choose science every time which is really something considering the nature of my class. They've even got parent involved such as electrician coming into our lesson on circuits."

"It has just been a truly amazing project. Thanks so much to all concerned. I've been teaching 15 years and have never felt so inspired and motivated to get up and go to work in the morning."

"The Practical Prompts have been a real hit with the class and have sparked a fascinating range of discussions. The project has confirmed for me that I have been approaching the teaching of Science in the right way and has also given me a whole range of additional material to support my Science teaching."

"They find science a lot more fun, it's far more interactive, conversational and they say it's fun!"

"The children have a 'buzz' about science - very confident to express opinions, speculate and give justifications as to why they think as they do."

"The less able children are better engaged with their science learning and able to explore concepts practically."

"The pupils have more enthusiasm, deeper understanding and higher order thinking."

"Using Bright Ideas and Practical Prompts has engaged their imaginations and they often make links to work covered in other topics. Many of my Year 5 say that they love science and parents have been commenting on how much their children talk about what is being covered."

"The children are more confident in talking about scientific ideas and they share more without worrying that they might be wrong. They love the practical sessions and the responsibility of planning it."

"More focus on investigations rather than written recording. Using Practical Prompts for Thinking as ways into some topics."

"I have included discussion times, using Odd One Out, PMI or Big Questions to most of my science lessons. Have made sure we do one or more full investigations within every science topic. A lot of exploration - minimal recording. Using partner work and group work for most sessions.
Using more bright ideas in the classroom. More skills focus in learning objective, rather than topic focus. Increased focus on practical science. Trying to maximise learning from each lesson - questioning and higher order thinking."

"My science planning and teaching has been led by the children's interests and ideas more. If they have asked questions/shown enthusiasm about a certain area we have followed this through and created our own learning objectives instead of moving through a pre written unit of work."