Welcome to Thinking, Doing, Talking Science. This website is for all teachers currently taking part in our projects and provides access to the resources used during training. We are delighted that you are joining us for what we trust you will find an exciting and rewarding experience.

Thinking, Doing, Talking Science (TDTS) is a four-day programme for teachers. It focuses on developing creative and challenging science lessons that encourage pupils to use higher order thinking skills. Teachers enable their pupils to think and talk about scientific concepts through dedicated discussion times, they provide pupils with a wide range of opportunities for creative investigations and problem solving and they focus the pupils' recording so that is there is always time for practical science. The programme has been developed by Science Oxford and Oxford Brookes University and funded by the Education Endowment Foundation.

The programme is interactive, practical and enjoyable and provides strategies and activity ideas that can translate immediately into classroom practice without the need for extra expense and excessive planning.

There is evidence that TDTS makes a positive impact on pupil attainment and attitude. Results from the Education Endowment Foundation’s efficacy trial showed pupils in schools using the approach made approximately three additional months’ progress in science. The programme also had a particularly positive effect on girls and on pupils with lower prior attainment. There was also some indication that the approach had most impact on pupils eligible for free school meals.

As a result of this success, the EEF have funded the TDTS team and our training partners to carry out an effectiveness trial in over 200 schools across the country. We have also introduced the programme in Suffolk and are now working with schools in Essex and Herefordshire through the Department for Education’s Strategic School Improvement Fund. This includes a project to adapt and introduce the strategies at Key Stage 3.

Please note that, as this website is specifically for teachers taking part in TDTS projects, it is password protected. We are currently planning ways for more teachers to get involved. If you would like more information about Thinking, Doing, Talking Science or to express your interest, please
contact us.

"I've absolutely loved this project and have learnt so much. I have never enjoyed teaching science in the past and have always given it to my job share partner but now I am well away! My class said we aren't calling it a 'science lesson' anymore but 'science extravaganza afternoon.' I tell them when I am off on the TDTS science course and they literally bombard me on the playground the next day to find out what plans I have next! Great!"

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